Ekobyarnas Riksorganisation

Impressions about årsmöte, Stjärnsund 13 – 15 june 2014

IMG_1307_The smell of the boiling water of the rocket stove, tea, laughs, guitar tunes or people talking. Cold hands, fresh wind, persistent bright sunset.
Silent tour, a deep lake, singing to vibrate our hearts. Planting potatoes, making a new hugelbed, yoga in the field at Sunday morning.

All this feelings and impressions are from the weekend 13-15 June in Stjärnsund, a small village in East Sweden, a community in a village with a center of courses learning permaculture: Permakultur Stjärnsund. There we meet people from the Swedish Ecovillage Network, Ekobyarnas Riksorganisation.


Co-creation was the method, with Open Space and sharing circles: what we see most relevant, inspirational and interesting? Also a World Cafè, thinking and sharing how we create the conditions for sustainable communities? What do we need for sustainable communities to thrive?

The complicated connections with all other networks must nourish each of us, that is why we want to network, we are all going in the same direction. It was inspiring to share our experiences with each other to see what we want from the network in the future.


Saturday afternoon was held the annual meeting of the organization, with the result of two new members in the board. Everything went smooth and gratitude and empowering were the most relevant words. Thanks for making it possible! And we will continue, a new year for ERO, singing and sharing. As the chorus of the blackbird in one forest garden.

IMG_1494_open space

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